Engine Gearbox Maintenance Service In Birmingham

Engine Gearbox Maintenance Service In Birmingham

ADC Engine Gearbox Maintenance Service In Birmingham has the most experience professionals and latest equipments to repair all kinds of engines and gearbox repairs for your vehicle. We use quality and brand new car parts to fix the problems from minor adjustments to complete engine or gearbox repairs. As most trusted car mechanic service in Birmingham, you can be back in the road safely. The mission and vision of ADC car engine and gearbox service is to provide a quality work to keep our clients safe in their vehicle. ADC Engine Gearbox Maintenance Service In Birmingham offer you great services. Valves must open and close with proper timing to maintain engine performance. Smooth operation of the valve lifters is critical to this function. Oil-filled hydraulic valve lifters can become noisy if the oil feed to the hydraulic lifter is blocked.

ADC as vehicle repair Birmingham, recommends our clients to carry out the regular engine and gearbox inspection according to the car owner’s manual.ADC car repair engine maintenance experts expect you to do the inspections more frequently if you do a lots of driving under challenging conditions in order to keep your engine and gearbox safe.Deposits and oil contamination can cause sticking parts and noisy lifter (ticking) operation.Engine Tune-Up & Oil Stabiliser is an oil additive, specially formulated to help dissolve these deposits that impede oil flow and lifter operation to restore engine performance and power.

The Oil Stabiliser extends oil life by preventing oil oxidation and premature thickening of the oil.

  • Quietens noisy valve lifters & reduces ticking noise on start-up
  • Prevents formation of black sludge and deposits
  • Prevents oxidation and premature thickening of the oil
  • Compatible with all mineral & synthetic oils
  • Recommended for Petrol & LPG engines, safe for Catalytic Converters, DPF & other emission controls
  • Suitable for Diesel Engines to extend oil life

Auto Lubrication Service In Birmingham

Auto Lubrication in Birmingham

Oil and lubricant are most essential part in vehicles, and it works such as blood in the human body. Fluid helps functions of transmission, lubricant, sealant and cleansing agent for the system of the transmission. If you notice any leakage of fluid under your vehicle please do not ignore. You just need to bring your vehicle to ADC auto repair service in Birmingham. Our well trained technicians will analyse and take care of the problem.

Oil is used as a lubricant for internal combustion engines for any vehicle such as cars motorcycle, buses and commercial vehicles. Modern vehicle oil has detergents and additives which help to protect sludge formation. When you drive during rush hours and stop your vehicle frequently due to the traffic, heat of the engine tent to breakdown the additives of the oil and discontinue protection of the engine.Therefore, ADC auto repair technicians ensure to use only nationally approved quality parts, oil and lubricants in order to repair your car.

After a few hundred-thousand kilometres, typical engine oil may no longer do enough to lubricate and protect. Scientifically developed to re-new your engine, Therefore you need to change the oil inorder to have a healthy and troubleless engine for your car

We offer all types of oil change for all cars in UK. for full details of our oil prices please refer the pricelist

Some oil product also contains no sticky substances that could clog oil squirters or filters. Instead, All types of oils that we use have been formulated to restore the original properties of rubber gaskets and seals, giving them a fresh lease on life. Whilst oil that we use may not restore an engine to a brand new state, it is a great way to get a bit more life out of any tired motor.

Auto Head Gasket Repair In Birmingham

Adc autocar head gasket Repair In Birmingham

The seal between the engine block and the top of the engine is called head gasket. The main objective of that is to separate the combustion chambers from cooling system and prevent coolant from entering the cylinders. Blown head gasket is another nightmare to all types of vehicle owners. Sometimes it is more worth to scrap the vehicle than have it repaired with the blown head gasket. But here at Adc auto repair, we are more than happy to say that you can repair you blown gasket at amazingly cheap price.

If you find any puddle of oil or red colour fluid under the car which means you may have a faulty head gasket. There are few reasons to gasket failure:

  • It could be an overheated engine
  • Use of poor engine design
  • Incorrect gasket installation

Unfortunately, you only can prevent the first one. If there is a failure you will have to replace the gasket immediately to prevent the future failures as well as it is very important to get technician to diagnose the reason for the cause and make it correct.

ADC auto repair is here for your any concerns regarding the engine head gasket failures. Our experience and well trained technicians willing to help you to protect your car from future failures.

ADC Auto Timing / Cambelt Replacement

Adc Autocar Tuneups in Birmingham

Most of the modern cars today use a rubber toothed belt, the purpose of this is to run the camshaft which in turn opens and closes the exhaust & in perfect timing with the piston position. This particular belt has varying replacement intervals which are manufacture dependent.

Purposes of using timing belts are operate car engine accessories such as cooling system and oil pump and will maintain the internal timing of engine parts.

If your vehicle has a timing belt failure you must get it replace. Because it could negatively affect electrical system, stall or dry engine, steering and breaking system.

It will be cost effective to replace any accessories which may have behind the timing belt during regular operation due to the durability of most parts is not capable to hold until next interval of timing belt replacement. Therefore, ADC auto repair Birmingham technicians recommend that to replace all components at once with us for a an affordable price.

ADC Auto Clutch Replacement Service

Clutch Replacement Service in Birmingham

One of the most important parts of the car the clutch. If it is faulty or stops working completely, it is impossible to drive the car. Basically, clutch links car engine to its transmission. It has certain durability as same as other car parts. Therefore, clutch can be faulty or can be stop working completely. We are more than happy to fit you a new clutch, or undertake a flywheel or clutch repair in our ADC Auto repair garage in Birmingham. ADC auto care and diagnostics mechanics can determine the problem of your clutch and solve it. It could be complete auto clutch replacement or simple clutch repair. .

We have wide range of clutches including organic, ceramic, single, twin and triple clutches. we also have hype carbon series and racing flywheels. If you have a doubt that your clutch is slippery or faulty we could check it for you though our diagnosis experts.

You just want to bring your vehicle over to ADC car repair garage in Birmingham to check for faulty clutch and it will only take few minutes for our experts.ADC auto care and diagnostics guarantee to provide quality auto clutch replacement using new technology and their valuable experiences to provide a quality clutch repair in Birmingham.

Our auto clutch replacement professionals are highly trained and qualified to resolve any kinds of clutch repairs. They have hundreds of experiences fixing auto clutch replacement in everyday.In order to provide a quality services for our clients ADC auto care and diagnostics team go above and beyond clients expectations. Hence, ADC auto clutch replacement service is becoming more and more popular clutch repair in Birmingham.